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Our offer

Our offer specializes in Cultural and Landscape Touring programs centred on portugal’s unknown and often inaccessible heritage.


Circuits of three types of programs -Cultural, Natural and Gastronomic-, lasting 5 to 8 days all inclusive, for the best holidays in Portugal.


We like to convey seemingly simple knowledge, but full of wisdom. For that, there's nothing better than going through the territory or getting your hands dirty to learn how to do it.


Discovery of a very particular way of being in the form of Visits and Workshops, which allows all experience this immense Alentejo, from cultural heritage, to natural and gastronomic.


Programs with all program points previously marked by PHT and with mediation ensured by the local craftsman/cicerone, to experience all the dimensions of this immense interior of Portugal and always in communion with the local community.

Natural Tour | Costa Alentejana | 5 days

Natural Tour “Costa Vicentina” 5 days

Grastronomic Tour | Alentejo | 6 days

Gastronomic Tour “Terrius” 6 Days

Route | Barrancos | 3 days

Dark Sky, fauna and flora

Cultural Tour | Alentejo Interior | 5 days

Cultural Tour 5 Days

Self Guided

Meet the Team

Portugal Heritage Tours is made up of a team of professionals with diverse training, from the history of Art, to Conservation & Restoration, to Science … professionals with know-how corresponding to the specificity of each program!

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