General Terms

This document regulates the general terms to be applied to the relationship between the clients of cultural and landscape tours marketed by Portugal Heritage Tours, hereinafter PHT.

A) Portugal Heritage Tours Offer

Portugal Heritage Tours is a tour operator specialized in cultural and natural tourism programs to the unknown heritage of Portugal. PHT privileges Alentejo as a destination of choice, presenting four types of thematic programs – Self Guided Tours; Thematic Tours; Tailor Made Tours and Unique Experiences.

A territory offered in its most demarcated strands – gastronomy, history, industrial heritage, landscape – and also including an annual program with the best Festivals, Pilgrimages and experiences of Alentejo. PHT is an invitation to all to let themselves be carried away by the cultural and gastronomic heritage of Alentejo.

The entire PHT offer is the responsibility of Spira – revitalização patrimonial, unipessoal, Lda. Spira is a company licensed to operate in the area of Tourist Entertainment – with RNAAT no. 61/2009 – and also a Tourism Operator with RNAVT No. 8593 – both issued by Turismo de Portugal. Spira is a member of APECATE –Portuguese association of congress companies, tourist animation and events, thus seeking to actively contribute to the development of the sector, as well as the member of ARPTA – Regional Agency for Tourism Promotion of Alentejo and also the Rota Vicentina Association.

B) Responsibilities

Clients must be aware that upon signing up for any program, they are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and general terms will always be superseded by the particular terms of each specific program.

PHT will have insurance for each participant. Pursuant to current legislation for the companies of Tourism Entertainment and Tour Operators, (hereinafter referred to as EAT and OT, respectively), PHT will have Civil Liability insurance and casualty insurance for for participants in its programs.

Individual conduct is the responsibility of the Client. PHT is not responsible for accidents resulting from reckless acts of the participants or their disrespect for the indications of their Heritage Interpreters. In the course of the activities and before registration in them, it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that he is in a healthy condition to participate in the programs.

Pht’s liability as stated in this document and arising from the obligations assumed are guaranteed by liability insurance, in accordance with the legislation in force.

C) Guarantee

i. Personal Accidents
• Payment of treatment expenses, including hospitalization and medicines, up to the annual amount of €3,792.24.
• Payment of a capital of 21,664,20 €, in case of death or permanent disability, reducing the capital by death to reimbursement of funeral expenses up to the amount of 5,000 €, when they are under the age of 14.

ii. Civil Liability
Covers third-party damages up to €75.000 € per claim.

D) Terms and Conditions

i. Pricing
• Every single PHT visitor is an active participant in the preservation of this heritage, since part of the revenue goes to the development of appreciation programmes and to the pursuit of patronage/sponsorships for the conservation of this common cultural heirloom.
• The price of each heritage or natural asset includes payment of the entrance fee.
• When lodging is included it always refer to double room. Single room will have an extra fee.
• The prices for all programmes include the legal rate of VAT, except when otherwise mentioned.

ii. Reserves
• Booking with the minimum advance time referred in the program selected does not guarantee the possibility of realization of the program, which will be determined by the availability of Portugal Heritage Tours.
• The reservation will only be valid with the payment of the total or 30% of the program amount.

iii. Booking and payments
• The registration of the Client and his companions will only be valid after full payment or 30% of the value of the Tour or Experience and the completion of the form contained in the PHT website. The Client undertakes to settle the balance of the cost of the Tour or Experience. Including additional services you request, up to 60 days from the date of departure. If registration takes place 60 days or less from the date of the start of the trip the total price of the trip must be paid at the time of registration, this is subject to the confirmation of reservations for all services.
• PHT reserves the right to cancel any registration whose payment has not been made under the above conditions.

iv. Use of Client information
• The Client express consent that all information, including personal data, regarding your trip, may be transmitted to government authorities for the purposes of border control and security.
• The Client express consent that all information, including personal data, provided regarding your trip, may be transmitted to local PHT partners in order to be able to carry out the defined program, including food likes, preferences and limitations, particular health information or others.
• PHT will make the necessary contacts with the Client in order to ensure the proper functioning of the service.

v. Date changes
• The Client enrolled in a Tour or Experience may not change their registration for another Tour or Experience or for the same Tour or Experience scheduled for another date without PHT’s express consent. If such a change can be made, it may be subject to expenses and charges provided for under the heading “Quitings”.

vi. Assignment of the registration
• The Client may assign his registration, replacing himself/herself with another person who fulfils all the conditions required for the Tour or Experience, provided that he/she informs PHT at least 60 days before the date of the same and that the suppliers of the Travel services or experience accept the replacement, otherwise it is considered that the Client has given up the Tour or Experience.
• The assignment of the registration shall be jointly and severally liable assignor and assignee for the payment of the price of the Tour or Experience and for the additional charges arising.

vii. Changes
• The order and times of the tours or a replacement of the venues to visit may be changed by PHT due to force majeure and will be replaced by other sites.
• If, for reasons attributable to PHT, it is impossible to meet an essential service associated with a program, the Client will be entitled to quit and be reimbursed for all amounts paid or, alternatively accept a change in the program and possibly in the price. If it becomes necessary to cancel a program, the Client may choose to take part in another program of the same price. If the replacement program has a lower price, the client will be reimbursed for the respective difference.
• The Client may request changes to the reservations up to 30 days before the date of the service to be provided without any penalty. These changes may only include changes in times for the begin or end of an activity. Any reduction in the number of people taking part beyond the above-mentioned deadline or any change to the date of the tour will be accepted upon payment of a penalty pursuant to point d) iii).
• Once the program has begun there will be no refund for services not used by the Client.

viii. Quitings
If the Client or any of his/her companions gives up the Tour or Experience up to 60 days prior to the start date of the Travel or Experience program, he/she will lose 30% of the amount of the Tour or Experience that was delivered by the Client to PHT under the condition of a non-refundable signal. If you give up your Tour or Experience 60 days or less from the program start date, you will lose the total amount of the Tour or Experience program. You will also lose the value of additional services that you have requested and that have non-recoverable charges.

ix. Communications
• Any communication between PHT and the Client concerning reservations, changes and cancellations will be made by e-mail, phone or post (express mail), with as much notice as possible.
• The following are PHT’s contacts:; tel.: +351 284 475 413; Tel.: +351 911 158 698; Rua 5 de Outubro, 20, 7920-368 Vila Nova da Baronia, Alvito, Portugal.

x. Complaints
PHT will meet all legal and contractual obligations in dealing with their Client’ complaints, which will be considered only when presented in writing and always within 15 workdays after the end of the program that was the cause for the complaint.

xi. Exceptions
These general terms may be revoked or changed by agreement, requirements or contracts entered into between PHT and the Client.

Vila Nova da Baronia, 25 de Outubro de 2022

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