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2023 | 24 to 29th April | 18 to 23th September

In this Gastronomic Program, we are invaded by the unique flavors and aromas of the Alentejo… We will walk among the products of the land, the cuisines, the stories and the people, to find the best dishes from other times that come together in perfect harmony with the wines of the region. – a unique moment for your senses and emotions in the immensity of the Alentejo plain.

Gastronomy, Hiking, Sculpture, Horses, Landscapes, Cuisine, Heritage, Falconry.

Days and Extension:
6 days, for a total off approx. 370 km

Marvão, Galegos, Castelo de Vide, Portalegre, Alter do Chão, Elvas, Évora.

Meals mentioned in the program, Accomodation, Heritage Interpreter accompaniment, Traditional Perfomances and transportation during the whole program.

From €2,100.00

6 days

2023 Dates:
24 to 29th April
18 to 23th September

Reservations are subject to availability and options validation.
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Arrival at Quinta do Barrieiro, in the heart of the “Serra de São Mamede Natural Park”, with a visit to the Sculpture Park of the sculptress Maria Leal da Costa. In the sculptoress gallery, we willtaste a biological infusion.

It is at Quinta do Barrieiro that we start the “Cooking Class With Art”  moment with the preparation of the starters and a glass of regional wine in hand: while cooking, and amid much conversation, we discover the gastronomic history of the Alentejo.

Accomodation at “Quinta do Barrieiro”.

Depending on the season, we can spend our morning with the  producers from the region, and discover the importance of some of the richest resources of the region such as Chestnut, Esmolfe Apple or Aromatic Herbs; or we we can choose the Wild Mushrooms, where we’ll learn to distinguish the edibles from the poisonous ones and how we can transform them into delicacies.

Horseback riding in the Serra de S. Mamede Natural Park, lasting about 1 hour.

Arrival at Terrius space, an old Water Mill, explanation about the original space and then tasting of Terrius products accompanied by wines from the region.

Lunch at the “Varanda do Alentejo” restaurant with a unique view and one of the best cuisines in the region: bread, paio, Nisa cheese, olives and Marvão olive oil, tomato soup, potato migas (the traditional Marvão migas) with meat of pork, sericaia to finish and all accompanied with wines from the region.

Free visit to Vila de Marvão, a medieval village surrounded by a continuous and intact wall, from where it is possible to experience stunning views. We continue with a visit to the Lagar Museu de Galegos – a small village very close to Spain – to get to know all the equipment and how the production of olive oil was carried out. We end with an olive oil tasting.

Later we can dedicate ourselves to the small town of Castelo de Vide, on a free visit, oneof the jewels of the Alto Alentejo region: we can visit the Igreja Matriz, the Renaissance fountains, the reputed therapeutic waters, the Jewish quarter and go up the unavoidable Castle.

Free dinner.

Accomodation at “Quinta do Barrieiro”.

We continue with a visit to Quinta da Fonte Souto, an estate and wine brand owned by the Symington family, in the Portalegre region that stands out for its quality: we visit the cellar and do a wine tasting. 

Lunch in Alter do Chão, at the “Páteo Real” restaurant, full of traditional flavours: typical Alentejo starters, black pork cheeks or spare ribs with asparagus migas, with chard to finish. All accompanied with wines from the region.

Visit to the unavoidable Coudelaria de Alter (Stud Farm) where Thoroughbred Lusitanian horses and Falconry, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in the institution founded in 1748 by King João V, are waiting for us.

We’ll head on to “Torre de Palma Wine Hotel”: an hotelwith ahistory dating back to 1338. This place follows  the mood of the way of life of the distinct “Basilii” family (old inhabitants of the neighboring roman ruins of Torre de Palma) and now also one of Alentejo’s traditions.

Visit to the vineyards and vegetable garden, always in close contact with nature, ending with an incredible gastronomic experience in the private kitchen of Torre de Palma. The entire dinner will be live cooking where you will have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of each dish and learn about some of the Chefs’ techniques and secrets.

Accomodation in Torre de Palma Wine Hotel”.

In Elvas, a city that saw their fortifications being classified by UNESCO in 2012, we’ll walk through the Historical Center, passing by the Cathedral, the Church of the “Antigo Convento das Freiras de S. Domingos“,  the Castle and, of course, we get to know the famous “Elvas Plum“, in the factory / museum specially dedicated to it.

Heading to S. Vicente to have lunch at the “Pompílio” restaurant, where we can find Hunting meat, “Revoltos” with asparagus, Hare rice,“Migas with spare ribs… everything that is typical from Alentejo cuisine, you will find it here.

We’ll go up to Forte da Graça, one of the best and most genuine examples of European fortification art.

We’ll continue moving onwards to Évora.

Free dinner.

Accomodation at “The Noble House” or “M‘AR De AR Muralhas”.

We’ll start our cultural incursion with the “Lost Évora” – a unique way to discover the historical and artistic heritage of an Évora that no longer exists, on a pedestrian route through convents, churches and other destroyed or fragmented spaces, “victims” of the progress of the end of the 19th century: with photographs from more than 100 years ago, we discover a disappeared Évora Heritage of Humanity and 2027 European Capital of Culture…

We’llfinish with a tasting of regional wine.

Lunch and early afternoon
Free lunch and early afternoon to explore other flavors and stories of the city.

Late afternoon
At one Alentejo “Herdade“,  with a good local wine production, we’ll  visit the vineyard with the engineer in charge. Between the vineyards a late picnic awaits us with snacks and delicacies from Alentejo.

Accomodation at the “The Noble House” or “M’AR De AR Muralhas”.

Free day until departure time.


  • Program held with a minimum of 4 people;
  • Possibility of transfer to and from other locations, according to budget to be presented;
  • Prices shown per participant for double room; for single room, an extra supplement will be applied;
  • Daily activities can suffer changes of order. PHT will warn about it as soon as possible.
  • The reservation will only be valid with the payment of the total or 30% of the value of the program.
  • Reservations until 60 days before.
  • Tour with sculptoress on day 1;
  •  “Cooking Class with Art” and dinner on day 1;
  • Morning with the producers or Wild Mushrooms on day 2;
  • Visit to Marvão on day 2;
  • Olive oil museum and olive oil tasting session on day 2;
  • Regional products tasting in the TerriuS space on day 2;
  • Visit and wine tasting at “Quinta da Fonte Souto” on day 3;
  • Visit to the “Coudelaria de Alter” on day 3;
  •  Elvas including the Cathedral, the Church of “Antigo Convento das Freiras de S. Domingos” , the Castle, the Plum Factory D’Elvas DOP and the Forte da Graça on day 4;
  • Lunch at the “Pompílio” restaurant on the day 4;
  • “Lost Évora Tour” on day 5:
  • Visit to an “Herdade”, wine tasting and picnic on day 5;
  • Heritage Interpreter accompaniment; 
  • Transport for the purposes of the itinerary; 
  • Accommodation 5 nights in a double room (breakfast included);
  • Personal accidents insurance;
  • VAT.
       Not include
  • Horseback Riding on day 2;
  • Flights or other transport means to arrive to Portugal; 
  • Meals not mentioned in the program;
  • Personal expenses; 
  • Travel insurance.

Rita Martins and Filipe Fernandes

Rita is a Zootechnical Engineer with a Master's Degree in Food Safety and Innovation and currently a PhD student in Agrichian - Food Innovation. She specializes in the development of food products, products of the territory, its history and gastronomy. Filipe is an Agricultural Engineer, Master of Science, eMBA and, currently, PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies. He specializes in communication and marketing, gastronomic tourism and product enhancement. Together they created TerriuS, to sustainably produce excellent wild products, fruits and vegetables from Serra de S. Mamede, in Alto Alentejo.



Marvão, Galegos, Castelo de Vide, Portalegre, Alter do Chão, Elvas, Évora.


Gastronomy, Hiking, Sculpture, Horses, Landscapes, Cuisine, Heritage, Falconry.


Quinta do Barrieiro; Torre de Palma Wine Hotel; M’AR De AR Muralhas; The Noble House;.

Capacity and reservations

Min 4 / Reservation up to 60 days in advance

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