Wool Paths: From "Chocalho" to Weaving

2023 | 18 to 19th March

Follow the paths of wool, from rattles to weaving, you will find a key element in the origin and development of this ancestral technique: the Alentejo sheep.

Themes: Chocalhos (cowbells), Sheperd, Weaving, Gastronomy, Heritage. 

Duration: 2 days. 

Territoires: Alcáçovas, Alvito and Viana do Alentejo.

Includes: Meals mentioned in the program, Accomodation, Heritage Interpreter accompaniment, Traditional Perfomances and transportation during the whole program.

From €300.00

2 days

2023 Dates:
18 to 19th March

Reservations are subject to availability and options validation / Click to request your reservation.


In Alentejo, we will find Chocalhos (cowbells) manufactured by the romans, almost 2 000 years ago, and very similar to the ones that are manufactured nowadays in Alcáçovas. We will learn about this ancient art: from the mold of the iron plate, the caulking of the copper through the oven passage to the tuning at the end… Everything taught by the Master!

We’ll discover Alcáçovas, the late-medieval village where the fundamental pre-treaty of Tordesilhas was signed, and also home of important cultural heritage…such as the case of the famous wild boar pies of Maria Vitória…

Lunch will be at a restaurant called “O Chocalho” (of course…) 

With time, we’ll not skip the visit to the medieval Castle of Viana, the Royal Palace and the unforgettable portal of the Mother Church – twin sister of the Mother Church of Alvito.

And we’ll stay overnight by the neighbourhood…

We’ll rise and shine very early to discover the techniques of herding, always with the Chocalho sound going along – the “ancestral GPS” of the country life… We’ll see the sunrise, walk through the fields, and eat the morning snack always with the company of the Shepherd. If we are in the shearing season, we will also know how to “cut the hair” of the sheep.

We’ll move on in the wool path and arrive to Viana do Alentejo, seeing if it is time for the regional gastronomy lunch.

Before or after, we’ll “get our hands dirty”: starting to prepare the wool, washing it, carding it and then spinning it on the spindle and the wheel. We’ll try the loom and we’ll bring home the piece made by ourselves.


  • Program held with a minimum of 4 people; 
  • Possibility of transfer to and from other locations, according to budget to be presented; 
  • Prices shown per participant for double room; for single room, an extra supplement will be applied; 
  • Daily activities can suffer changes of order. PHT will warn about it as soon as possible. 
  • The reservation will only be valid with the payment of the total or 30% of the value of the program;
  • Reservations until 60 days before.
  • Chocalho workshop;
  • Pedestrian walk in the field with the Shepherd;
  • Weaving Workshop;
  • Lunch on day 1, morning snack on day 2;
  • Heritage Interpreter accompaniment;  
  • Transport for the purposes of the itinerary;  
  • Accommodation for 1 night in a double room (breakfast included); 
  • Personal accidents insurance; 
  • VAT. 
       Not include
  • Flights or other transport means to arrive to Portugal;  
  • Meals not mentioned in the program; 
  • Personal expenses;  
  • Travel insurance. 



Alcáçocas, Alvito, and Viana do Alentejo.


Chocalhos (cowbells), Sheperd, Weaving, Gastronomy, Heritage. 



Capacity and Reservations

Min 4 / Reservation up to 60 days in advance

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